Smoothing Issue when Importing Mesh from Blender -> UE4

Alrighty folks, I’m really struggling here. I’m trying to import an object from Blender to UE4 but for some reason, I’m getting some strange behavior regarding the smoothing.

Static Mesh in UE4 (4.27)

Object in Blender

I’ve exported many times to UE4 with no issues, so I’m not sure why I’m getting this behavior for this particular mesh. Some notes:

  • I don’t have any modifiers on my mesh except the mirror modifier (no edge split or anything like that)
  • I’ve selected all faces on my mesh and set them to smooth
  • I’m exporting my FBX from Blender with Face smoothing

Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your help.

EDIT: Still no solution. I’ve also tried messing with UE4 import settings by changing import normals to compute normals and tangents while simultaneously exporting the blender fbx as tangents (read that somewhere else) but to no avail.

Played around with a bunch of other combinations for export and import settings but still getting the same issue. Even subdividing the mesh and smoothing the vertices still produces these sorts of artifacts.