Smoothing imported mesh (fbx)

I am not a modelling expert and have imported a purchased model as FBX. However the polygonal geometry is apparent and this will definitely not work.

I assume this has something to do with smoothing normals and or converting to subdivision surfaces?

Is there anything I can do via the Material Graph inside UE?
Should I import the FBX into Blender for modifications and re -export?

Any feedback welcome!

Smooth it in Blender. And might need to create smoothing groups before importing back to Unreal. Subdivision is one way of smoothing, but it can change the form of the mesh or whole object if there’s not edges hardened or set as the boundaries for smoothing not to affect beyond those edges. Sometimes certain edges or faces require hardening or exclusion from the subdivision action in order to maintain a certain shape / form. For instance, to retain the shape of the purple and grey regions of the mesh in picture above, make the edges between those and the dark region of polygon faces above it either hard or exclude them from the subdivide operation. The exclude function is in one of the Blender side panels, or above in one of the dropdowns.

Thanks. Used Subdivision modifier in Blender.