Smoothing groups breaked after bind skin


I have a 3d model (a gun made in 3ds max) and I want to make a rig in Maya.

I import the model, works good.
I create the joints, works good.

But, when I selected the mag and the “mag” joint and make the bind skin all the smothing groups are broken :frowning:

You can see what I mean with the screen :

The bind skin work great, I can move the mag with the joint but my model is ugly :confused:

Any idea about how I can fix this please ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Well after doing a lot of editing the first thing you would want to do is hit it with an X-form reset. Before you do that set your objects backface cull to on.

Thanks FrankieV, but I have looking in maya and I have found a “solution”.

I select for example the mag with bullet, made an Edit Mesh → Extract (this don’t break smoothing groups) and after that I can use bind Skin and that works :slight_smile: