Smoother Turn/Look Rate on a Gamepad

Hi there, thanks for reading my question!

What I’m trying to accomplish:

(On a GamePad) Gradually increase the InputAxis TurnRate & LookUpRate value over a set amount of time (Ex: 1 second). This would simulate an axis value smoothing/ramping effect while looking around when using a GamePad.
The longer a player holds down the InputAxis TurnRate or LookUpRate, the faster the rate. The Rate value should be clamped at 1.

My first though was to use a TimeLine but, it is not giving me the results I was hoping for.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Current Logic (Not Working)

Thanks so much!

It’s not working, because your TurnRate is firing every tick, even if the player is not pressing any buttons. Thus, your timeline gets reset every frame.

However, what happens if the player let go of the button, will the camera instantly stop or not? Because if not, you can use Camera Rotation Lag in your Springarm Component! <3

Was my advice working for you? Would be great to hear back. If it’s working, can you please checkout your question? <3

Ninjin thank you very much for your reply! I’m sorry, I missed the notification of your response.
You are spot on regarding the event tick and the timeline reset. I’ve since moved away from this method, turns out the end result was not as pleasing as I imagined.
Thank you again for your reply :slight_smile:

i think, you can use “Finterp” to smooth out the movement. try it out and let me know the results.


Thank you for your response Taha! After play testing I found smoother turning is not the best idea. Thank you again for replying though :slight_smile: