Smooth transitions between two camera shoots -need help!

I have a question.
How to achive such effect, like in thus animation (smooth, blended transitions beetwen two different shoots in sequencer)Unreal Engine 4 - Architectural Visualization Real-time Cinematic - YouTube
many thanks!

I’m afraid that such transition was done in video editing software such as Adobe After Effect or Sony Vegas. What he meant by real-time cinematic was probably that every shot was done inside of unreal and then edited together. But I will poke around and post any results here.

I’m afraid you’re right :frowning:

Yep, this is done in post! Since crossfading two shots actually would requre you to render the scene twice if you’re doing it realtime, it would be very expensive performance wise… That being said, its absolutely possible to do : Just have two cameras, each rendering to a rendertarget, and crossfade those though a backplate with a 3rd camera. … but wouldnt recommend it though! :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be all that expensive if you just took a single snapshot render target on the first camera and blended in the second camera that’s already in motion. However, if you needed both cameras to be in motion, while cross-fading, then yeah, it would be super expensive.