Smooth third person camera movement?

Hi, everyone

I’m very new to UE4 and though i found some similar topics here i haven’t manage to find the right answer.

What is needed: switch between two camera positions while a key is pressed - default follow cam from BP template and an over the shoulder close camera position. So far i’ve managed to do it via SetWorldLocation, but it looks jerky. What i need is a smooth transition between these states to liven it up a little. I’ve tried “Vinterp To” - didn’t get it to work, i guess i’m doing it wrong

Please advice how can i get this up and running in BP

Set View Target With Blend node (within player controller) will suit your needs the best i believe.

It will change your view target(camera target, in other words) in a time you specify yourself.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, maybe i’m doing it wrong. Transition is smooth indeed, but 1) i can’t specify the desired camera location (it always zooms into the character at the middle of the torso) and 2) i can’t get it to unzoom halfway when i release the button. Can you please provide an example?

Oh, sorry for misleading information!

Set View Target With Blend should look for a first camera component found in in specified actor, and in this case, it should just stay at the same position as your original camera, not sure why it moves view to the torso actually.

Foundational 3rd Person Camera to Shoulder Camera Toggle - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums this is what you’re asking for. Sorry once again, forgot what this node actually do.

Also tried it - for some reason it doesn’t work properly at all. I suspect i’ve done something wrong with the vector sum node… or i’m just too dumb for UE)

Also tried it - for some reason it doesn’t work properly at all. I suspect i’ve done something wrong with the vector sum node… or i’m just too dumb for UE)

Can’t tell why it does not work since i don’t see how you do it. Just try starting from scratch with this one, follow the forum post closely, it should work as intended :slight_smile:

I did exactly as the wise scheme told me, but it just does nothing exept for changing the controls… camera is still there. Maybe i’ve created the wrong camera instances?

The only difference is - i’ve replaced ShoulderCam node with EventTick

Did you modify timelines as needed? I’m not sure, but it probably should be just linear vector increment.

I tried to set it linear 0:0 to 5.5:100 - still nothing. Camera wont even move a bit

It might be that your camera changes to another one instantly after starting, but i’m not sure about this.

I’ll try to implement this myself later today, when i get home.

Thanks, that would be extremely useful

I use VinterpTo and it work perfectly. See image

I have a camera “camera3” which need to move

And I have two cameras each of them are put on my targetpoint (one on First Person point, another on Third Person). They are static. (You can change these two cameras to any other component, it just for locating two points)

First point called “Viewpoint 1” another “Viewpoint3”

What the image show is a function which I execute every frame “Event Tick”

If I press the key, the bool “BackView” will be true otherwise false.

You can see the “Select Object” node, I select two point according to this bool.

So if camer3 on its halfway to any of two points, it will back to another

I think you miss the DeltaTime and Interp Speed in the VinterpTo node at your first try. If any of them is 0. Camera will move to point immediately.

Yes, when i try to experiment with the VinterpTo settings i get either a momentary switch or a one way switch (in order to return to previous view i have to press button one more time). Can you please sugest a value for the Camera Smooth Speed variable?

Also will i be able to control the speed of transition via Camera Smooth Speed?

I am using 7, when I use 10, it move immediately

I think less than 10 is best, try 5

Thanks, i’ll try. Now i got to figure out what’s a Camera Move block)

It is just a function name, I put all these block in a function and call it use Event Tick


Make it more clear.

Thanks, that did the trick. But i still can’t figure out how to create the “Camera Move” block )