Smooth Splinemesh between two arrows?

I’m creating a piece of machinery that has some tubes running along the moving parts.
However for the connections between jointed sections i want the tube to flex smoothly/naturally based on the angle of the joints.

I started by creating two arrows “Arrow_Start” and “Arrow_End” that i want to run a spline mesh between.
In the blueprint i take the world position and forward vector of both and plug them into the “Set spline start and end” node.
However when i do this i see the tube running straight from one arrow into the other instead of taking the orientation into account.

This is what i intend to have happen

This is what happens:

Is there some step i’m missing?

Many videos online refer to using a 3 point spline first to copy the position/tangents of of, however for this i want only a start and beginning defined with maybe tangent strength to create the smooth curve.