smooth rotation transition

I got my bridge to finally rotate when triggered by a pressure plate. The only issue I have is that both the plate and bridge transition very sudden. I would like to see them slowly move into position as if they where really heavy. I used a timeline before for the pressure plate. But when I connected the bridge to the timeline on the finished portion, the trigger box that I installed on the pressure plate would fire off twice because I had it set to OnActorEndOverlap–>Reverse. so it was doing what I wanted, with this blueprint:

bridge and plate blueprint.png

which is doing exactly what I need it too, but a little fast. Is there a way to slow it down and give the bridge and pressure plate a smooth transition utilizing this blueprint I made, or is there an easier way? There is a class blueprint involved for the bridge and it looks like this:

class blueprint bridge.png!

/shameless self-plug

The newest update contains a Rotate From/To function that will do what you need.

Is this a free plug or is this a completely separate program? All I am seeing is PNG files

It’s a free blueprint-based plugin.