Smooth rotation of the character with a large angle

The question is about animation. I try to make a smooth rotation of the character at a large angle so that he cannot turn in place. I googled only the version with Root Motion, but on the only similar video the developer didn’t use this system (he created multiplayer), Root Motion does not suit me either.

My character based on “Character”. I changed the Rotation Rate option in the character movement, now the character turns slowly, but on one straight line, without slowing down the speed, because of this it seems like he is sliding.
In the first part of the short video, as I would like, and in the second, what I have now. (I attached an image here: 1 - how I would like it now, 2 - how I would like it to look) I suspect that I just need to do something in the Movement input.

Video: video.mp4 - Google Drive

I would be super grateful for any help!