Smooth Pawn Rotation Movement

Help me please! I’m very new to Unreal and am jumping in the deep end by building my first game from scratch. Here’s the boggle;

I’ve spent a day and a half trying to figure out how to turn my top-down pawn smoothly pon it’s axis.

I figure I have three roads open to me;

  1. Sequencer-Matinee keys - …but I can’t record rotation without the
    location info. So the pawn leaps
    back to the spawn point before

  2. Timeline Node - …but I can’t align my curve time against the
    actual gameplay time. So the
    rotation amount is fiddly guesswork.

  3. RINTERP Node - …but I can’t figure out how to enclose the
    rotation in a loop until I reach my
    desired angle. So it either snaps
    the pawn around, or again becomes
    fiddly guesswork

My gut tells me that option 1 is the best solution for me because the ideal scenario is to have my pawn do a sexy loopdy-spin when it’s direction is reversed, and not just rotate. Now I’m starting to go bald and my nose hurts from smashing my face on the desk.

I have read every relevant post I can find in the hub and am still no closer to finding a functioning approach. Any advice or examples would seriously rock my world.

I set some breakpoints and simplified until I hit my desired rotations. Finally solved it.

I used the Timeline. The problem wasn’t with time at all, but with the rotation values. I think the dread RINTERP was getting me all turned around (mandatory pun).

Also, I had forgot to account for the fact that my Actors control axis is already rotated by default to give a side scrolling experience. So I needed to go with (-90°,90°) to face left and right.

For any other newbs struggling with Timeline node and pawn rotation, here is the graph from inside my pawns blueprint itself where I keep all my movement stuff;