Smooth mutli station elevator?

I’d like to create an elevator which has between 2 and N stations, and which the distance between any two neighbouring stations is always same.

I managed to make a smooth elevator using timeline and vector lerp. It could also work as the mutli-station lift but there’s a problem with the speed. Because of the timeline value as the lerp alpha, the longer the elevator goes the faster it travels.
Is there a way to make the timeline longer according to the distance between stations or there’s a better way to do it? Lerp using timeline seems to be the best solution so far.

Thank you in advance for any answers.

You can change the Rate:

If you’re skipping a station, set it to .5, if you’re skipping 2 set it to .33. Or you can even use math here :slight_smile:

There is also:


if you wish to skip the timeline altogether.

Amazing! Thank you!