Smooth multiplayer movement via GameSparks

So I’m trying to create a smooth movement over the gamesparks real-time server.

I am updating the players location 10 times a second. So in theory I should be able to VInterpTo the servers character location, from the characters current location at a constant rate? With a time interval of .1 seconds? I would imagine in theory this would make a smoother character movement? Assuming no packets are lost, or take an extended period of time to get to the client, of course.

Can someone maybe provide some insight on how they have created a smooth character movement over networked games?

Secondly I fail to understand exactly what the “Interp Speed” variable represents on VInterp to Constant. I don’t really get any decent results unless it is set to around 5k-10k. But the movement is still very choppy.

Thanks a bunch!

Here is my blueprint if it helps…