Smooth landscape without using the smooth brush


in Softimage there was an option, to smooth everything (like weightmaps) with one click instead of using the smooth brush.
Is there something similar in UE?

Actually like setting the strength, falloff etc and than click “smooth” to smooth the hole landscape.
I have a massive landscape and it takes forever to smooth everything with the brush.

Thank you :slight_smile:

One work around instead of bluring is to use “Remove Dust and Scratches” Filter in Photoshop…
That doesnt blur to much but removes “artefacts” in the landscape. :slight_smile:

Yes, this seems like a glaringly obvious useful feature, and I can’t figure out how to do it. When I import real terrain, and it comes in with blockiness at the contours, it requires lots of tedious smoothing with the largest brush.

I tried to follow some ideas about using Gaussian blur, and increasing the colour depth on the heightmap png file, but invariably, this involves introducing noise which then results in an unwalkable landscape.

Still looking for an answer e.g. in blueprint!

Right. Well, I found that a Gaussian Blur removes artefacts nicely too… but then the problem is that at least in the GIMP implementation, it leaves color banding. There must be a way to lerp (interpolate) color values to leave a smooth grading… but as far as I can tell, most people suggest using noise to fix color banding. I somehow find it hard to believe that there’s not a function somewhere to interpolate bands of color values…

I had a look for any blueprints that smooth via lerping vertex heights, but it’s not so obvious. There’s also some potential in using weight layers… but I haven’t dived down that rabbit hole

Its all 16bit.
And I also import HDA Houdini Heightfields, they are also 16bit.
I personally dont have really artefacts but since I use often LiDAR, I have the normal point raster “artefacts”.
Workaround for me so far is “Remove Dust and Scratches” Filter in Photoshop.

are you importing in 16BIT GRAYSCALE ? new Gimp exports in that format if you need a free program… sounds like your using 8bit data by accident can happen when copying png if not done correctly i was exporting a map editing and re importing and would get a blocky mess untill i realised 16BIT GRAYSCALE is what is expected by Ue4