Smooth Crouching With Existing Blueprint

So I have a basic blueprint for crouching, it works well and does what I want (you can’t sprint while crouching but you can fire, you can’t jump either).

My gripe is that it’s instant, meaning there’s no smooth transition from standing up to crouching state, it just goes straight to the crouching, I’d like to tweak the current blueprint I have so I can get it to be smoother, what should I do?

Thanks by the way, here’s a screen of the current blueprint I have:

Here is a solution using a Timeline :

From what I can tell from the images you can make the events by right clicking and typing “add custom event”. Just type in the name and you will be able to place the blue version of it which triggers the custom event made.

Thanks for this, it seems very detailed and professional, I just have a couple of questions:

1 - How do I get the Crouch and Un Crouch events?

2 - How do I get the “custom event” variation of these?

I managed to do the timeline as you listed there, just need to know the answer to the above so I can finish what you presented me with, thanks by the way.

Check out this

Alright I managed to call the events, how do I get to set the “Is Crouching” and the “Crouch Maintains Base Location” though?

Is Crouching : by creating a new boolean variable

Crouch Maintains Base Location : you set it from you character movement component

Worked wonders, almost finishing now but I can’t get the SetRelativeLocation to break down to New Location X, Y and Z, how do I do that?

This is part of my graph for now:

there are 2 ways :

  • Drag a wire from yellow pin and “Make Vector”

  • Right click on yellow pin and “Split struct”

Alright now I got everything equal to yours, there are some issues though:

1 - When I crouch, I can’t get back up, I always stay crouched.

2 - I can sprint and jump while crouched and I wouldn’t like for that to be available to do.

Thanks by the way.

Don’t want to bother but do you think you know what happened? Because with everything you gave me I can’t un crouch, I always stay crouched.