Smooth crouch able to un-crouch under objects

New to unreal engine and was following a tutorial for smooth crouching and I am still able to stand up when under an object. I watched through a second time and still not sure what I have done wrong.

[(the tutorial)][2]

I did this once. I just did the following : i set up a function timer that draws a line trace above the player’s head like 3 times every second, if it hits something you set a bool that prevents you from uncrouching, and the opposite if the line doesn’t hit stuff. Wich is basically what you’re doin there. If there’s an error, should be in the trace. First thing set the line trace node to draw debug for duration so you can actually see if the line is goin in the right direction, second you gotta check if the thing above you is actually of the right type, so either a world static or world dynamic object

Thanks for the reply, I ended up just using triggers that won’t let you stand up inside of them. It isn’t the most efficient but it works good enough for me :slight_smile:

mmh… that’s actually pretty clever… especially if you use simple shapes like cubes.

Set up a few tests of it and it is working great, I added it so you can’t jump in the trigger either :slight_smile: