Smooth Character Turn

I am working on a sidescroller that I want to have the character turn corners at given points. I have it working using triggers and simple Set Control Rotation but the character just snaps to the new direction and I would like to add some visual “candy” like a freeze, animated turn, and camera smooth snap. Any ideas how I could do this?


Timeline may work, or a move to node has a delay for smooth transition.

I was thinking a delay as well but all that would do at this point is snap, delay, return to play. I would really like to have a delay, pan, not stap, then resume control.

I found a solution to this. I let the controller snap to the new rotation but add the Rinterp node, a gate, and a tick event to the character mesh/camera. The begin overlap event opens the gate and end overlap closes it so the tick isn’t firing the rotation while outside of the trigger. Just change the timing on the Rinterp node to change the pan speed.