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Hey y’all!


  • New to Unreal and Blueprinting
  • existing project I gotta work on

I have a 3rd person camera attached to a spring arm and during cutscenes I wanna limit the rotation but still let the player rotate the camera with the mouse a liiiittle bit with some smooth rotation.
I managed to do that by activating the “Camera Rotation Lag” function the spring arm has which is great.

The thing is: When there is no mouse input I want the camera to smoothly go to the main focus point again. I managed to SOMEHOW do it by doing the following script:

If there are mouse inputs the camera slowly rotates but the second the mouse is still there is a “cut” and then the mouse turns back to the main point ((0,10,-90) in my case…).

I really don’t get how I can smoothen the cut since I hoped the rotator lag would handle that properly :<.

Any advices are appreciated!



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i think you should use a lerp.


I think this is exactly what I need!
The thing is right now the camera movement is handled in a function that is called every tick and timelines as far as I understood can’t run in synchronous functions.

Do I assume right that this is a bad “best practice” and I should “outsource” the camera handling from the tick event to something else?

Yes, it has to be an event. Sometime I am a bit lazy and used the tick for a similar thing, but it can be done without timelines or tick using a loop and a delay.

Why not try the “Camera Lag” option iside your “Actor > Spring Arm” this will do the job pretty quicky. (Even tho if you chance the look point of the camera by : Code : Camera movement will still remain in it’s current speed/lag/smooth) and ofcourse you can do it by interpolating.


Thanks for the info. I think I’ll handle the camera via event rather than the updateTick and try the Timeline/Delay you showed me.
I’ll scream if I need help but if it works I’ll mark your answer as the solution.
I thank you very much fellow dev!

I think my first post wasn’t well written but I actually use the “camera rotation lag” you show in the screenshot.
Afaik the “camera lag” is for the vector position only and the “rotation lag” is for - well, rotation :smile:

But thanks for the reply!