Smooth Camera Transitions - Reset Relative Transform

Hi there,

So I am working on a project (started with the 3rd person template) and am currently using “Reset Relative Transform” to reset the follow camera back to its original position (relative to the player). This is all working as intended (it is set based on collision, and all of that is working simple enough). Basically I interp the camera vector (in the 3rd person player BP) when I collide with a trigger, and then when I collide with another it snaps the camera back to its original position relative to the player (all of these triggers are in the level BP). The issue is that it just snaps back to the original position and I would like it to interpolate or smoothly transition to the original position (relative to the player).


Reset Relative Transform sets my camera to the desired location, but the transition is instant. I would like to set it to this location, but over a few seconds so the transition is smooth.

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