Smooth Camera Rotation not working

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to achieve a smoother Character Rotation to my mouse location recently, but I’m encountering an issue. No matter what number I input for the Interp Speed, the character stops rotating and only moves slightly, about a centimeter or so. I’ve also tested using Rinterp and Rinterpto Constant, but neither approach seems to work.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Judging by the fact that you disabled the z axis, I dare to assume that you are doing a 2D project. In this case, this will help you:

Hello, and welcome.

That node graph looks good to me, nothing stands out as problematic; so I threw it in on top of a fresh top down template project, and it did work exactly as expected.

Is there code elsewhere that might be interfering?

Clutching at straws perhaps (depending on or level geometry) but you aren’t checking the hit result, if the mouse isn’t over anything the location will be world origin.

This is all perhaps not super helpful, but at the least the problem does not appear to be in graph you posted.

Sure, here is a revised version:

To clarify, whenever I set the interpspeed to 0, the character rotates immediately, switching from top to bottom right away. I’m aiming for something similar to this tutorial:

(Right at the End the result is presented as I want to have it)

However, when I set any interpspeed, the character doesn’t rotate properly. Instead, it just wiggles slightly without actually rotating.

The wiggling does suggest there is a fight going on.

Did you try to solve this by some other means first and not clean up maybe? ‘Use controller desired rotation’ or ‘use controller rotation yaw’ got turned on and still are?