Smooth Camera Reset

Hello AnswerHub!

I have a working dynamic camera which moves towards the player’s direction smoothly in a side scroller game. I have the camera set up so that when the velocity of the player is < 0.1 the command to reset the camera to the centre position is fired, this of course is successful but my problem is, the movement for the camera is just a jolt. I need it to reset smoothly, from either of the two player inputs (Left/Right). My blueprints are as follows:

My timeline for the camera to centre:

I have no idea what to do, anything would help!


It looks to me that the values coming out of your timeline will always be 0, thus why you are suddenly changing quickly from whatever Y value you had to a value of 0. Try changing the timeline to go from 0 to 1, which will give you an alpha value you an use in a Lerp node, to change that Y value from whatever it is to start, to 0, over the amount of time you’ve set in the timeline. I do something similar in an animation for opening a building door.