Smooth Camera Reset only works on yaw

Hi everyone. I used this tutorial - - a simple instruction on how to setup your camera to orient back to its position directly behind the mesh smoothly (over time).

It works just as the video instructed, which is great, but I need to do this to all axis. I copied the code, changed everything from yaw to pitch, used a sequence on event tick so it could do yaw, pitch and roll, but what happens is for example, when you change the pitch of the camera, it will smoothly orient perfectly once, but after that turning the character doesn’t update the player mesh world rotation I guess, because it doesn’t adjust the camera at all anymore (but the yaw will update continuously).

I also tried using capsulecomponent worldrot instead of mesh worldrot, but no results.

originally I had a system for this just by turning off usepawncontrolrotation, so the camera followed the meshes 6dof rotation, (I can’t use the yaw/pitch/roll control rotations because I need the camera to follow the mesh, not the mesh follow the camera), but when you turn it back on, it would snap the mesh back to the rotation it was before you turned off usepawncontrolrot (control rotation does not get updated when it’s off).

Anybody have any idea what I should do? Any help is appreciated!

P.S. here’s a picture of the code. the float value offscreen is the delta time, and the execution is the sequence from event tick.


Hi it’s not more simple to save the Init rotation of the camera into a rotator in Begin play event and to use (Rinterp to) to initial rotator ?