Smooth Camera Movement

Hi everybody
I’d like to know if it’s possible to do a smooth camera movement. At the moment I have two different cameras that and two different buttons (both in a widget). When I press a button, the view change form a camera to another without any movement. Is it possible to have a smooth movement between the two cameras? What I’ve to do?

Thank you so much


Look into Set View Target with Blend node in Palette > Library section of your level BP.

This node is “static”, which means that the camera will change from a point A to a point B without any movement. I’d like to have a smooth movement from a point A to point B and not just a change of view :slight_smile:

It isn’t static. If you leave Blend Speed and Exp at 0 you get instant transition so you need to enter a value in order to see a smooth transition. For instance, Blend Exp. 1, Blend Speed 2 will give you a 2 second transition.

OH MY GOD. I am so dumb that I didn’t see that two variables since now. Thank you so much