Smooth Camera Movement in Sequencer

I want to animate a camera path in Sequencer with multiple keyframes (so not just a straight line).

This is for a VR project, and since alternating velocity can contribute to VR motion sickness, I want to reliably keep the whole path the same constant speed. From how I see and understand it, the linear interpolation button just straightens out movement between between keyframes so there’s no easing velocity (and no smooth curves in the 3d space movement sadly), but the speed between each keyframe may still vary.

Is there a way to optimize the animation pacing post-creation? Or is there a better way to approach this?

Did you attempt with the take settings in the cinematic camera? If we can open curve editor on sequencer so we can easily adjust curves of the camera to help it ease in and out. Assignment Writing

Do you have a documentation or tutorial? I’ve tried the curve editor but couldn’t figure out how to do what my goal is.

I don’t want any easing in or out, I want consistent uniform speed for the movement (location track) across all keyframes.