Smooth Camera Kit - 2.(5)D and Topdown camera solution for your game!

Hello everyone!

We’re happy to announce we are releasing Smooth Camera Kit!

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Do you need a solution for your topdown and/or side scroller games? An easy-to-implement kit that will handle your camera for you? Look no further! Including 3 different camera modes for both location and rotation and 10+ settings you can customize your camera for almost every scenario!

Including Static(Camera remains on one location), Non-Instant(camera travels further or less far than the character) or Instant(basic camera with follow lag) and rotation modes of Character(Follow char with pitch and yaw), Character-Z(Follow pitch only) and Static(Look at a static point).

Coming with a topdown and sidecroller template and example content for you to try out different premade presets.

It’s looks amazing. :o

Smooth Camera Kit has now been released on the marketplace!

Have you tried this for a driving game where it’s really third-person view, but might benefit from the same smooth following feature? Just curious. If you think it might integrate well, I will give it a go as an alternate view when my open world game characters enter a vehicle.


It’s only tested in 2.5D and Top-down space, we can’t promise it’ll work.

Looks great, I’m mainly interested in the top-down functionality. How does it handle the “disappearing” objects that block the view of the character? I noticed the walls disappear, which is what I’m looking for in a camera (I tried others like final camera and top-down toolkit but they don’t seem to do that out of the box). Can it “disappear” all objects that get in the way of the character? And is it configurable - for example, keep only certain objects and disappear the annoying ones (which would be better).


The functions in the kit are commented, but if you still have issues figuring out how it’s working feel free to drop us an e-mail at

Figured I should move this question here, thanks!

"Hi Panda, I’m really happy with the camera system and Integration was a piece of cake! Awesome product!

One question for ya. Is there a method for offsetting the character’s position relative to the camera? When the player runs right, I’d like the character to be left screen justified and vise versa for running left. This way the player could see further ahead in the direction they are moving.

Currently, my character ends up closer to the edge they are running towards and has a lot of camera space behind them.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the fine work!!"

Hey there,

Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:

In regards to the camera, it currently isn’t built-in designed for it. You could increase threshold-size but it’s not exactly intended and won’t give you exactly what you need. It is something we could implement, though. If you want to self-edit it, you can go to the PlayerCameraManager and play around with the functions there, however we can look into making this happen over the weekend if you’re able to wait until then!

Panda Studios

Hey Panda, thank you for the quick response! Yes, I’m happy to wait! I really appreciate the continued support!



We’re happy to announce we have implemented this feature! :slight_smile: I hope it’s exactly what you’re looking for, the files are being uploaded and should be on the marketplace shortly. has the updated file already.

Thanks a lot, Panda! I’ll check it out and report back! I really appreciate you doing this so quickly! 5 stars from me :smiley:

Hey! I’ll get right to the point :smiley:
-Would this product allow me to make fully 3D games, like ‘little nightmares’, where the player can move along all axis, with the camera following, zooming and rotating accordingly?
I’m attempting to create a puzzle platformer with this style of reactive camera.