Smooth camera following movement?

How can I add some inertia to the camera? My game has a top-down view and it starts/stops moving too abruptly

Try using a Camera Manager

Top Down is a custom build for the most part - the default template for this is just bad.

So - how you do it would depend on what you implemented…

I’ve implemented this once. I followed some tutorial I found in the youtube. I think I still have my BP I’ll post it as soon as I can.

My BP seems to not be working anymore, but the idea is to use VInterpTo node.


Interpolate from the current camera position to the target. You can do the same for the rotation.

So it turns out what I wanted works fine using the spring arm Camera Lag built in functionality. didn’t really know about that

hm, another thing came up. So Camera Lag works, but whenever I open my game, and the player teleports to the last saved position, the camera will slowly move from starting position to character position instead of teleporting with it (since lag is enabled). same thing happens when the player teleports within the level.

I made this workaround, which I call whenever the player teleports:

but are there any better solutions?