Smooth Attached Transform

Hi there,

I have a first person camera attached to a head socket, on a full body mesh (so you can look down at your body & feet). Much like Mirrors Edge. Which works fine…ish.

The animations I have are very good (purchased), however, as the camera is so rigidly attached to the head socket, when stopping after running, there’s a fairly sudden jump in vertical position as the mesh stands up straight.

I was wondering if there’s a way of smoothing out the attachment to a socket/bone. Making it less “rigid”. I tried a Spring Arm with lag but no luck.

I realise I can just not attach it but I do want it to move with the head with other animations (e.g. bending down to pick something up)

Hope that makes sense!


I have same question, Did you find out solution?

You may try something like that, which take to variables: a “target” object and a “speed” float :wink:

I did it with location, but you also could do it with transform.