Smooth and unzoomed control Rotation (ThirdPersonShooter but FPS perspective)

Hey Unreal Engine friends!

I have a question i just can’t find an answer to. I have a control rotation system setup before the State Machine enters the Final Anim pose.
Everytime i transform (modify) a bone (bone being spine 01, 02 and 03 from the AnimStarterPackMannequin) and i play the game the camera is more zoomed in than before.
Anybody know some fixes?

Please include a screenshot of the character blueprint’s viewport.

If your camera is zoomed or moved the assumption is it is linked or socketed to a bone.

Also a description of what you are trying to achieve would help. This basically looks like adding an Aim Offset without actually adding an aim offset.
not that it’s bad to do so - just that the character doesn’t know when to stop rotating.

The picture exceeds the file limit, but the FollowCamera is socketed to the UE4Manequin’s head…
got an idea?

What are you attempting to do exactly?

I’m trying to achieve Control Rotation (FPS in TPS) (when you look up weapons goes up with the character, same if you look down)
EDIT: I socketed the weapon to the hand_r (made a own socket: weapon_attach)
I want to rotate the spines from the Third Person Character to the hand_r looks up in the sky (weapon goes up as well)

Aim Offset? Creating an Aim Offset | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you so much!

Though depending on what you are doing your bone rotation idea was not all bad.