Smooth AI movement for flying pawn

I have flying pawn that actually moves along surface (yeah, not the best solution, but i need free z-axis).
The problem is that acceleration and deceleration of pawn is pretty low, so when controlling using player controller pawn moves smoothy. But AI seem don’t care about acceleration and deceleration and accelerates pawn instantly. This mawns ment to be use both player and AI (not simultaneously), so in case of this AI cheating a little bit.

Use timelines of 0.2 length after new input actions (moveForward, moveBackward, etc.) Then, when timeline completes, wire the axis inputs to a gate and open the gate. When keys are released, close the gate then reverse the timeline. (via sequence)

The magic of acceleration is some kind of drifting. I know, that it can be bad for AI, but I need AI using limited acceleration.
Half of a solution is use character controller, but in that case AI uses acceleration limit, but stop immediately.