Smooth a character movement


To get my AI randomly walking around I use the Get Random Point in Navigable Radius. My problem is that the mesh goes to the random location instantly, without rotating. I would like to make fix this, but I don’t know how.
Here is a quick video to show you guys what is my problem :

Can you guys help me to fix this ? I’m quite new to UE.

There is a face rotation node in the behavior tree editor put in sequence face rotation then preform the movement.

You ROCK ! thanks dude !

Totally forgot about way simpler way, check if OrientRotationToMovement is ticked, if not tick it and control the rotation rate with the rotation rate variable.

As I already have blueprint movement in my AI blueprint, can I still use a behavior tree ?
I watched some tutorials on how to use BT, but they all seem to create new movement system instead of using the one already created in the blueprint. :confused:

Yeah. You must be right, but actually I have no idea how to use a BT. This is quite new for me and the BT isn’t that simply to use since it requests an AI controler :confused:
Do you have any idea how I could make this very simply ?

this variable is a member of the character movement component, open your character bp, select the movement component and search for this variable in the defaults menu.

Are you talking about this ?

I’m trying to play with it, but it does not seem to do anything :frowning:

Figured it out. Here is a copy/paste from the the official tutorial :

To get your AI character to rotate based on movement enter the BasicAICharacter>Defaults tab. Find Use Controller Rotation Yaw and set this to false. Open the Components tab and find the Character Movement. Find Orient Rotation to Movement and set it to true.