smooth 90 degree player rotation and movement

Hi, im very new to BP and my problem is to create smooth 90 degree rotation of player. I was not able to find such thread, only similar with other problems. So i want to be able to move/rotate player like in old dungeon crawlers. I found that Rinterp To should do what i want, but this seems to not working, well at least not properly (no smooth rotation (tried amount of different values in delta an speed) and strange yaw coordinates while rotate)

Next problem is player movement, where i was able to simulate tiled like walking via Timeline, but when the player rotates (or am i rotating only view?) the vectors stays absolute so the controls do not match.

I will show you how I rotate one of my bots, Hope you should be able to modify


A Couple of Examples.

  1. This is just scanning left and right.

  1. This is tracking Player

Results - Both scanning and turn to shoot at player


thanks , but still no luck. Can somebody tell me why is it not smooth? Im afraid that i am missing something basic here

HI ,

What happens when you replace “Add Controller Yaw Input” With “Set World Rotation” instead?

Hi, it is not doing anything at all.

Glad to know it is resolved.

Maybe i put my answer wrong. It is doing literally nothing :), player wont turn with “set world rotation”. with “add controller Yaw input” the player turn himself, not smoothly, but turn.

I have the same problem, I’ve tried many values in delta and interp speed and none of them make it smoothly interpolate. I always turn insantly.

Well I fixed it by connecting TurnCorner to the branch again and adding TurnCorner to TickEvent.

I am quite a bit late with my suggestion to this thread…

Have you tried using “Event Tick” blueprint instead of “E” for testing first and if it works to go from there?