Smoke rendering

I tried to import a particle effect for the “Particle Effects” sample project… P_OrbGlowLights, a fire with a smoke effect. I usually use sprite with the DefaultLitSpriteMaterial. When i place the particle in my project it has some problem showing the smoke in front of any sprite… it seems to be behind the sprites even if it’s in front! The fire perfectly overlap every thing but the fire dont.
What could couse this problem and how can i solve it?

Hi ale929 -

I want to address the “DefaultLitSpriteMaterial.” This is a material which is supposed to be used with Paper2D sprite projects and not necessarily the best material to use for a particle. The biggest problem with it, is that it does not reference Particle Color which allows you to change the Color and Opacity of the sprites in Cascade.

Assuming you set the Material up correctly then, you should be able to control the rendering (Overlap) order of particles by shifting the emitter modules left or right by selecting the main module (the one which allows you to name the emitter system) and press the right or left arrow button on the keyboard. Remember that Cascade will render from left to right so if something is to the left of something it will render underneath.

If the issue is not inherent to one particle system (so you have placed multiple emitters in the level and not just one), then you will need to go into the Level Viewport Details Panel and adjust the Rendering >> Translucent Sort Priority but remember that this will result in a universal shift in the draw order, Priority 2 will ALWAYS render on top of Priority 1 and 0. You also may want to make sure that your fixed bounds are setup correctly as this will also effect the rendering order based on bounds to camera distance.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum