Smoke Grenade calls Spawn Beacon

Anyone know how to make an item, once used, spawn a supply drop in the location it was used? If so, you have completed my life.

I would like to create a custom smoke grenade and once throw, a supply crate will spawn or deploy a supply drop as normally would.

Please share. Thank you.

Just sharing my thoughts, as I do not know the answer… Just type “Spawn” in the graph, see what comes up. You can “Summon” crates like you can dinos, so maybe Spawn Actor at Location (using the item’s current location)?

You’re answer is a step forward for me. Thank you, I am going to look into that.

Edit: No luck.

Still looking to learn how to do this. I can’t seem to grasp it quite yet or complete this. Any help, lessons, handouts is appreciated.

A grenade is a projectile so on the projectile bp - Event Hit or On Explode> Get World location of mesh> Spawn Actor from class. Class = your beacon

This is perfect.
@HulksOneArk: In case you’re not sure, though:

Create a copy of the Gas Grenade. It references the projectile, create a copy of that as well. If you want the smoke to be a different color, the projectile references an emitter that you’ll also need to copy and the emitter references a particle effect that you’ll need to copy. From there, change your copied particle effect’s “Color Over Life” to suit your needs. For the sake of this example, I used blue, cyan, and purple.

Inside the new projectile you just made via copying, go into the graph editor. In the event graph, you should already see an “On Explode” event. Add your actor spawning logic there. Something like this should suffice:

Note that I didn’t remove what was there already. I simply added my own logic at the end of it.

You should see something like this as the end result:

I’m personally not entirely sure how one could do this, but I think another option would be to tie the beacon spawning logic to the death of the emitter. That way, the smoke effects finish before the spawning occurs. One thing to consider is that you could just delay this logic in “On Explode” by the duration of the smoke emitter as well. That’d achieve the same effect. Though, I’m not great at modding. Just thought I’d help where I could.

Happy modding!

Thank you both for the insight, graphs and knowledge. I couldn’t appreciate it enough. I think I am finally starting to understand.