Smoke and Flash Bang Grenades - Multiplayer

Hello everyone! Glad to announce about Smoke and Flash Bang Grenades system release!

Add smoke and flashbang grenades to your game! To throw grenades you just need to add ThrowingGrenadesComponent to your Character blueprint and that’s it! There is also I_Blindable interface you should implement to make your Character able to be blinded. There are bunch of possibilities to customize appearance of smoke and flash bang effect. Multiplayer support provides a possibility to easily integrate this system into your multiplayer shooter and have cool grenades in your game!

Smoke particle system can be used either with GPU or CPU sprites. Flashbang grenades effect depends on character gaze direction, distance to the grenade and obstacles between character and grenade.

More images you can find on UE-Marketplace


Hello, I just watched your video. And it seems like the smoke particles doesn’t actually go upwards and spread big.Also while emitting, it looks like the smoke puffs are being twisted in a hurrican form (don’t know how to explain it lol). I would like to ask something before considering buying :

  • How much does fps drop when player is near the smoke ? I designed one myself and unfortunately I encountered huge FPS drop while standing near not to mention getting inside.
  • Is there any chance you can implement the effect which your eyes capture a moment when the flashbang pops and fades it out ? I’m trying to implement this myself but if you can then it can save me some time afterwards.
    Thanks for answering

to continue from the marketplace comment section as to not clutter it too much.



^ that isnt really the right answer as it tells me nothing about the overdraw.
Could you post a screenshot of the grenade in action, and having the viewport set to “shader complexity”


  1. I’ve tested fps rate on my laptop (It is really weak but i have only this laptop and can’t test on someone else’s hardware)
    My hardware:


GPU: nvidia 720m, 2gb
FPS test:
Default third person map without any emitters at all:

Far from the smoke:

Near to the smoke: (about 4fps drop)

Inside: (about 6fps drop)

2. Yes, I can implement this and will try to add this feature in future updates


Sorry about misunderstanding, I’m not really good with terms :frowning:

Shader complexity view:



Hey there FatCow! got a few issues out of the box here. 1: The smoke collision only seems to work for the server. 2: The flashbang is not doing what it showed. got some screenshots for ya.



I was working on a grenades project similar to this one. I have the after image to the flashbang and all too, but I couldn’t figure out how to do the smoke particle collision, so that’s the whole reason why I bought this. here is a video of the project I was working on just for fun lol.Easy Grenades UE4 Project - YouTube

edit: ps I also occasionally got some accessed none errors on the smoke bust event where it calls the play sound at location. I added a couple isValids before the that and the stop nodes. seemed to clear it up with no change in functionality. Also I could care less about the flash effect but thought you should know about it.

Thank you for your response. The drop is quite low comparing to mine so that’s good :D.

Hey very nice flash indeed. Can you elaborate on how to add the after image after the flash ?

Hello! I know about smoke collision issue, sorry about that, however it is really easy to fix:

Just cut all these nodes in Construction Script of Smoke Grenade blueprint:


And then paste all of them to Event Begin Play:


After this smoke should collide properly on client and server. Let me know if there will be still a problem with collision after this fix.

Regarding to flash grenades issue… Well, it is really weird because for me it just works out of box. Did you change something in Flash Grenade blueprint?

Also I’ll fix these small bugs like that one with none error when playing sound at location. Thanks for the tip!

About after image effect you want to achieve: take a look at the Scene Capture and Render Target classes. You can add Scene Capture Component to your character and capture screen frame when you need it, then draw it to Render Target and add this texture to screen (via UE-Widgets for example). After this just add fade out effect. But as I mentioned earlier I’ll try to implement this in the next update.

Look into particle cutouts, that will improve it somewhat :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, will look at that!

Ok I’ll check into the smoke collision when I get to my workstation. As for the flash, I did nothing just added to a new third person template project then loaded the example map included. However when I started after adding to project I was prompted about importing a couple png files. I’ll try again and see what happens and I’ll post a pic if it asks again. Thinking maybe it messed up adding while the project was open idk.
ps Jake. He’s got you on the correct direction. Scene capture component saved to a render target upon flashed, then shown via widget and using the widget animation to fade it out. In fact my white screen and after image is shown and hidden all from code using widgets, no hard files needed.

I have thought about using screen capture. But still haven’t founded a way to fade the it out with opacity

Also @TheFatCowStudio , is there a way to downgrade the assets to 4.20 without having to download 4.21 ? I would not rather go through the process of downloading 4.21, add the assets to it and then migrate back to my working project. Thanks a lot. P/S : I have bought your package

I will try to add 4.20 version support as soon as possible, so you will be able to just download 4.20 from marketplace!

Thanks a lot :smiley: Looking forward to it

4.20 version is submitted and pending approval from Epic Games!

ok update, the smoke collision works like a charm now, even though your images wasn’t working It was obvious what was to be moved. The flashbang still doesn’t do the white flash effect, I removed files from vault cache and redownloaded made new project, closed it then added your asset to the project, but there was no change still no flash effect, the image is there but no white screen effect. Anyways I’m happy I got the smoke I was after too bad the collision requires it to be cpu particles but that’s ok good ole fire and smoke just got to be on the cpu if you want lighting and/or collision -_-

Oh, I know the reason why flash bang effect doesn’t work for you. Try to set post-processing settings (in Engine Scalability Settings) at least to High and all should work properly.


4.20 version is supported now!

Hello, glad to hear that you like it!

If you want to disable white screen effect you should firstly open “GrenadesLibrary” blueprint:


Then open “SetupFlashbangEffect” function:


And finally set “Max Brightness” value in “Set members in PostProcessSettings” node to 1 to completely disable white screen effect:


Also you can set “DirtMaskIntensity” to 0 if you want to disable that dirt mask texture.

Hope I’ve answered your question!