Smoke and Fire do not show on Asus Zenpad 3s 10

Smoke and Fire do not show on Asus Zenpad s3 10. The fire displays correctly wen published to my Galaxy s7 edge or Pc version , but not on Asus ZenPad 10 which has the same ram and etc as my Galaxy s7 edge. Is this compatibility issue or why is that?
I have created this game in UE 4.10. Smoke and fire I took from UE and I did not change any settings. Plus game do not resize to ASUS screen (Game it is too big and doesn’t fit to screen)



alt text

Hello Kowski,

Thank you for reporting this issue, although it looks like you’ve made another post for this same issue over in our Packaging & Deployment section. To avoid splitting information, we’ll be looking into this but focusing on the other post which can be found here. I’ll be closing this out as a duplicate so please refer there for further assistance.