Smoke and Fire do not show on Asus Zenpad 10

Smoke and Fire do not show on Asus Zenpad 10. The fire displays correctly wen published to my Galaxy s7 edge or Pc version , but not on Asus ZenPad 10 which has the same ram and etc as my Galaxy s7 edge. Is this compatibility issue or why is that?

Hey ,

Without any information on what “fire” or “smoke” consists of (asset type and settings) it is currently impossible to answer you. Something to keep in mind is some rendering features are only supported on certain platforms. Also, depending on the particle type or what it contains this can potentially introduce bugs.

For example a particle system using the particle cutout feature will cause a crash on some devices.

What would help out a lot is if you provided the assets in question or gave detailed info on all the settings/assets so I may recreate the assets on my end to test with.



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