SmartGlass support

I know this is a bit forward thinking, but I’ve been working with SmartGlass for the last 6 months, and I’d love to see UE4 have some sort of built in integration with it.

Unity can currently be tied to SmartGlass and Kinect (for Xbone), as they’ve added native support for both pieces of hardware, so I was wondering if Epic had any similar plans. At the ID@Xbox conference a few weeks ago MS just said “Ask Epic”.

I’m not sure of what this would require though – probably some sort of hook or way to tie in with the JavaScript API of SmartGlass.

Just seeing if there is any sort of tie in planned, or if I’d have to write it myself :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

Sorry for the delay here. At this point in time we have nothing to announce about SmartGlass support.

Do you currently have access to Xbox One hardware?