Hey guys! I’d like to share with you my team’s first public Unreal project! It uses Kinect v2 and Facebook connection, so a lot of C++ went into this and thanks a lot for Epic for leaving it open!! :wink:

With more than 3 years in development, SmartFantasy is a virtual dresser that uses top notch body tracking technology to interact with up to 6 people simultaneously and digitally dress them with costumes of their choice.
With a simple gesture, you can switch costumes and move around as you like. It looks like it’s really on the body! Then, just make a pose and take as many pictures as you like.
Essential for all parties, SmartFantasy, besides being super fun, replaces the traditional photo booth, as we’ve also made the option to take photos without a costume, with the advantage of automatic posting on Social Networks so you won’t have to take a picture from the photo.

I started with an associate in this project, but he’s marketer, so I was developing it alone (I’m a developer and artist). It was first made in Unity with the first Kinect for Windows. After 1.5 year, Kinect v2 came out and I started studying UE4.
I had to transfer the project into it! Man… the flare, the cloth, the render… it was the best decision I ever made!! After that, we partnered with famous characters licensees and grew the team a little, so nowadays I do mostly the development and my guys do the modeling.

We still want to improve it with animations specific for each character triggered by specific movements, include Instagram on the social networks and a lot more!
We can’t share the published project as it is commercial. Hope you can appreciate it from the small advertisement video we made.

More info: SmartFantasy