Smart Spline Generator


This tool allows to generate various assets that automatically align/react to any surface, in highly customizable way. Create ivy, vine, ropes, bridges, fences and more – with many customizable parameters & possibility to use your own meshes.

• Fast and easy generation of surface-aligning assets
• Many parameters for controlling generation behavior, all described in their tooltips and in documentation levels. Spline direction, sub-spline amount, spline/sub-spline length, curve, mesh amount, align rotation, height above ground, random irregularity levels and many more…
• Automatic bridge mechanic: Automatically finds nearby surfaces to make bridges with. Allows to control bridge gravity and more (presented in the video)
• Low-poly edge snapping: Allows to generate lower-poly assets without problems caused by low poly count near surface edges (presented in the video)
• Automatic spline mesh optimization – replaces most of spline mesh sections with low-poly versions, leaving only critical areas like edges or corners
• In-engine documentation: All the features explained on working examples in demo levels
• Possibility to use your own meshes
• Set of starting presets included
• With help of UE Merge tool, you can convert any generated asset into static mesh, to reuse it in different levels/projects – or to export & edit it in your 3D package!
• Made 100% in Blueprints.

• … Works also in 2D projects! :


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Wow this is really cool and looks insanely useful and time saving.

Hum…it rocks man, gg :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Looks great! Any chance it’s gonna have wind etc like in your Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator? :slight_smile:

Looks awesome and time saving, great job! :slight_smile:

Looks fun! Look great! :slight_smile:

i love you :wink:
and i really really want this tool !!!
release it now !!

any ideas about pricing yet ?
kind regards

Thank you! Default ivy leaves have basic wind in material + probably I’ll add some interactive material effect in the first update. But it won’t be fully dynamic like Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator - trees/plants have quite predictable structure, but in case of Smart Spline Generator, there are too many possibilities to implement some optimized dynamic interaction system. Besides, it’s also recommended to convert generated assets (at least the bigger, more complicated ones) into single static meshes via Merge tool to have good performance, so the only dynamic interaction I can think of would be through materials with vertex offset.

Thanks! :smiley: I’m doing my best to make this available as soon as possible :slight_smile:
About the price, I think it will be somewhere in the area of the Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator price, imho quite reasonable for the possibilities - but I’m not sure yet.

Smart Spline Generator has passed the review process and will be available on June 29th! :slight_smile:

Nice tool @Slavq,
I can’t wait to try that, really nice job!

Thank you!

wow will be very looking forward for it !
and will make much use of it :wink:

Smart Spline Generator has been released today! :slight_smile:

Bought it, thank you so much for this great tool! Works really good and it will save me soooo much time :smiley:

bought it too. its very very cool. thx very much for it. and its totally worth the money !!!

one thing that could be improved in my opinion is that (thats how i see it) even if i make a very small change in one of the many parameters everything is calculated again from start and the result will vary very much from the origin.
Would it be possible to implement in future versions to only recalculate the changed parameter ?
or do i see this completely wrong ? (sorry i am a noob :wink: )
best regards

Looks awesome. My real question is how well does collision work on generated assets?

Thank you, I’m really glad that you like it! :slight_smile:

I see what you mean, I’ll see if I can implement something like this. I have a similar system in my tree&plant generator, but this one reacts to any surface and have way more possibilities (less predictable), so I will have to construct the logic in some other way… I’ll let you know when I’ll find a way to implement this feature.

Thanks! It works without problems: Bridge Collision Test | Fence Collision Test

  • Generator uses mesh sections which are a regular static meshes - and it will use any collision shape that is defined within these meshes, so it’s fully customizable and it depends on what mesh you use with the generator. The included default meshes serve as an example/starting point and you can import your own mesh sections.
  • After merging generated asset into static mesh (it’s recommended, to save generated asset and improve performance), you can of course edit it in any 3D app and use any collision shape you want :slight_smile:

Cheers for the info. I suspect I’ll pick this up, even if only to pull it apart, sooner rather than later!

Nice project. Does it work on mobile ?