Smart Spline Generator: How to make the bridge arc

I got the Smart Spline Generator, and cannot make the bridge curve up or go across straight. Instead, it sticks to the landscape (trying to get it to cross over a lake)

what should i do? Thanks!

I’m the SSG developer and I’ve just accidentaly found you - but I suggest asking questions directly on support email, since this is marketplace-product specific question.

To generate a bridge across a lake or gorge, place bridge start point on a mesh that has some steep edge, for example a cliff. On the target endpoint of your bridge, also place something that will help detect the endpoint. This way you have way better control over bridge placement. I’ve made some examples with saggy, straight and arc bridge over a big distance:

Tip: You can even place simple boxes like these and set them invisible. Their collision will be still there and they’ll still serve as a good bridge ‘guidelines’.

If you need any further assistance, please contact on support email, it’s easier to help this way.