Hello to all,
I have created a concept based on my level of understanding of the Visual_Blueprint_Progrmming, i have looked over and over repeatedly at C++ and the method of programming of the endless networks of variables, booleans, and arrays, and my brain doesn’t grasp the programming of it very easily. I am a newbie to unreal kismet but not to the comprehension of how the programming works, I have made a visual idea schematics of how I can see a faster visual way of programming my objects for game development in unreal, but at this point it doesn’t exist yet. Here is a concept of my idea for a new Smart_Object_Node_Creator system, And I would love to have some feedback from the developers and educational system to see if this other way of programming is a easier method and way of learning to understanding the Kismet programming system with visual graphics not just node networks. The Visual objects in this picture belongs to there Manufacturing owners, and are shown here only for presentation purposes. Please Get back to me If you think this innovation of programming can work for you.