Smart Materials

Hey all,

Many of you may know of Allegorithmic and some of the stuff they are up to. I’m currently trying to finish up a couple smart materials that give you options. One material that can supply a handful of results rather than an onslaught of hundreds that are static and at times highly situational. Currently this particular asset example relies on the geometry for its edge and various material effects as it is utilizing related utility maps to generate the relevant effects.

Anyway, attached are a few images, some more details on my site.

As always, looking to make stuff that helps others develop easier, faster, and iterating with less fuss.

Cool, opinions and thoughts are always welcome.


Looks really neat, kind of reminds me of district 9 the movie.
Love the use of substance for making tons of unique materials.

This was actually one of the first things I looked into with Substance materials - which are awesome - but one of the issues I had was that I couldn’t get that rack of settings to transfer properly. Do you mind explaining how to get things like setting the scale, layers and procedurals working from substance to unreal. If you do, I’d be happy to contribute some of my own creations. :slight_smile:

Hey Mugluck,

It can be tricky. A couple things to consider when bringing your own creations over. Make sure you have the plugins download extracted to your Unreal Project directory, you have properly exposed the parameters you wish to use in Substance Designer (within Unreal) and then when you import the SBSAR file, all of the Substance nodes come in. I have a video related to this importing if you care to see –> Corrugated Metal & Wooden Sheets Pack - YouTube

Ultimately that rack of settings is the Substance Graph Instance ( there is a section on that.

As for scale, layers and procedurals, these will all be parameters that will more than likely be “exposable” in Substance Designer. Once you find the items you want control over in Unreal, expose them, then make sure you double click in the graphs grey background to bring up the properties of the graph itself. Here you will find a rollout that has all of your exposed parameters. This is where it is useful to name them, drag and drop them in the order you want them to appear, etc etc. Wes does a good job of all of this in their Substance to Unreal series, which is here: null - YouTube

I had to watch some of these a few times as its a lot to remember :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me anytime to get help. Also the Allegorithmic forums are handy for questions and searching previously asked questions.

Take care.


The idea was to attempt to provide options for stuff like these: