Smallish problem with Settings Menu in Blueprints

Hello everybody.

Recently I stumbled upon this nice (C++) tutorial on how to expose game settings in blueprints in an easy way.

Problem is, I don’t know how to implement the final blueprint part in UMG.

I get the fact that I get a string for the resolution, a boolean for isWindowed, and integers between 0 and 3 for the sg values and I can correctly show those values in UMG:


But how do I change those values from UMG?

I guess I could create a left and right button close to the text for each sg. value and create binding for each of those, and then what?

I could increment the current enum value by 1 in case of right and decrease by 1 if left?

Especially the resolution part is the one that I do not understand since I don’t know for each monitor how many resolutions it supports…

bump, this is blocking my project :frowning: