Smallest possible package on Mac?

I’ve read up on and various posts on answerhub/forum/reddit and am doing these steps for packaging a blank C++ shipping build:

  1. Generate a blank C++ project.
  2. Create an EmptyMap
  3. Project Settings->Maps & Modes: replace all Default Maps with EmptyMap
  4. Packaging Settings->BuildConfiguration = Shipping
  5. Packaging Settings->Pak File, Create Compressed Package and Exclude Editor Content checkboxes = on
  6. Packaging Settings->Include Prerequisites = off
  7. Packaging Settings->Full Rebuild = on
  8. Packaging Settings->Include Debug Files = off
  9. Packing Settings->List of maps to include in a packaged build: only EmptyMap (just in case)
  10. Disable all plugins
  11. Put PakBlacklist-Shipping.txt to project_root/Build/Mac. I set it to just one line “…/…/…/Engine/Content/” to exclude all Engine content and see what that would result in.

I package by running UEditor->File->Package Project->Mac. Packaging after step 1 results in 263 MB, after step 10 in 204.5 MB and after step 11 in 172 MB (but the app crashes). This all is still way too much for an empty package with no content and no prerequisites. I saw a similar post about a Windows build and the guy was able to get it down to 90 MB ad was asking about driving it down to 20 MB.

I’d like to begin a new project with the smallest and cleanest start possible. What’s the smallest package size for Mac?