Small town test

Here is a small test I did to try the engine. Never touched any Unreal engine so far, so its pretty basic. Still learning. More to come.

Wow, not bad! I like the fire flare at the end.

Looking good, could slow the camera down a bit so it has more of a smooth feel too it


The video is on private mode :frowning:

Looks good even without textures, make a longer version next time :slight_smile:

UE4 seems to have a weird way handling reflections…

Its my asphalt texture … It’s more car paint than asphalt. So many things to learn… hehe


UPDATED! Better lighting and contrats…textures.

Updated again! Building in back look weird but still tweaking. Comments are more than welcome!

well u have some serious z fighting going on with the railings and stuff, should fix that

Actually dont know how to fix it… anti-aliasing is off the chart! Probably my video card since its a video capture… Dunno!

Very good work