Small Skilled Team Looking For One More [Texture Artist]

We’re a very small team that’s currently in the early stages of asset creation. We have a very large workload ahead of us and could use a second texture artist. We’re looking for someone experienced and has knowledge with substance, max, and UE4. Rev shares/Royalties can be agreed upon with a contract and discussed at length upon finding the right individual. We’re looking to make a name for ourselves and I invite you and your skills to be a part of that! Check out some of the creations here.

As the main modeler at the moment, I would provide models to you that are already UVmapped and ready for texturing. If you however enjoy uvmapping, and want to help out more then by all means take it away from me!
At the moment, we’re focused on asset creation. We are well past design and concept. The position would be open until asset creation nears completion. (you will still be a part of the projects development) However, if you have other skills you’re more then welcome to stay on the project.

Let me know if you’re interested and what kind of skills and experience you have!

Skype @ Illuzioun
Email @