Small scale blueprinting in a small timescale (2 days)

Hi dudes

So im gonna cut to the chase I need some last minute blueprint touch ups doing before monday 16/04/18

Im not gonna set how much ill pay id rather you just quote me on how much you would do it for as I dont know how much these jobs are worth.

All i need is a

Health Pickup that spawns when the enemy dies … I already have a health system in place and a system for pickups dropping.
The enemy to ragdoll on death. I already have a mesh with bones and that I just need this bit doing
An Ammo counter on the User Interface
And a main menu that looks kinda nice but still basic (didnt wanna push the boat out too far)

If you feel you could help drop me a reply down here.

Im In Ireland but I am awake most of the time so i am quite responsive to messages.