[Small Project] [UPDATE(s)] Slender man The 8 pages : School Edition (WIP)

Morning. (-.-)/

D3Gaming. First of all, hi. I posted another thread that showed off some things I put together in Unreal Engine 4, thanks to a friend
who suggested to start with slender. I then spent a couple days working on it, I finished making the basic items required for a slender game.
About 2 days, I finished setting up the quickly put together basic slender man type AI into the game. And it ran almost exactly the way I wanted
it too. Today, I just finished doing some more on the game, and decided to show off the basic **** I had put together. Everything up to here, took
a week just to get up to. Still kind of new to Unreal Engine 4, as you can obviously see. The map is ****, and obviously looks like a bunch of copy/paste
blocks with some textures thrown on them. (lol) I already started a new map, and working on one area at a time. So don’t hate me. xD

Here’s my latest update on the game.

-AI responds to the amount of pages you picked up and increases its speed
-Added footsteps to play at Slenders location when he’s near you
-Added some film grain and a few other post process settings
-Added new ambience music. (Will probably change)
-Still need to think of a name for the game. >.>
-Other forgotten things.