Small physical objects push the player away

hey, i have that problem, that my character is pushed away even by very small by physical objects…like rolling tin cans. he is pushed away very harsh and in case of very fast physical objects he is nearly blasted from the map.
so intended behavior should be that the bigger mass object (this is normally the character) negates the velocity of the lesser mass. is there a solution for this?

however i don’t want to set the collision channel “pawn” to ignore, since the player should be able to push these objects over.

You can maybe override the weight of the object, and check simulate physics

i now created another smaller collision capsule in the player. made the first capsule to ignore physics and the second one to block physics. as long as the second one is not colliding with the ground, everything seems to work


great solution. I did the new capsule BIGGER than the First capsule and i it works better for me. In addition, if you ever want to step on a big Physic Object, be sure to change the object’s collision object-type, to World Dynamic for exemple

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