Small paid contract job for doctorate research


I am doing a PhD in psychology and researching whether virtual reality is an effective educational medium regarding climate change. As my undergraduate was in psychology, unreal engine is quite new to me.

Currently in UE4, I have a person sitting in a café chair next to a large window (learning how to make it a third person but move the camera in to the head so there’s a body when they look down, add a seated pose skeletal mesh, and fiddle with the collision settings of the chair was difficult enough).

I’ve then filmed 180-degree footage of where I live and edited in adobe After Effects so it looks like climate change is occurring (e.g., fractal noise to make the air look dirty). I added a plane outside the window and attached the video as the plane’s texture so now the view from the persons chair in the café is their home being affected by climate change. Yay!
I only downloaded unreal last week so that’s as far as I can go alone. What I am needing is a person to add a choice based dialogue so that a waitress/waiter approaches the person, asks them what they want to order, confirm, then walk away.

After this point a narration starts which is kind of making a link between the choices we make (like food, plastic, paper etc) and what they can see occurring outside the window so the participant makes a connection between their own behaviour and environmental consequences.

I did start learning how to make a spline for the waiter, but I need their mouth to move when they are taking the order which goes beyond Youtube and I.
I am not sure how long a job like that would take, so am not wanting to underpay or waste my PhD budget – any reasonable offers will be considered. Materials from marketplace (characters the café, extras, animations for the extras etc will be paid for too). Also, I am required to have this work published in an academic journal and would acknowledge and credit the work provided by you in those publications.

If this is something you can help me with, please message me, or email me at

Hi’a! I sent you an email. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this article.

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