Small Object Physics Interaction With Player Problems

So I have a First Person Template loaded. I have a few blueprints made (a seamless teleporter, a gravity gun, etc.) Not much if anything has been edited in terms of physics or the character (although I did remove the default viewmodel). I duplicated 3 of the cubes present in the template and made them smaller.

These smaller cubes fire away at incredible speeds when the player walks into them. I don’t know much about the physics engine so I don’t really know whats wrong. I notice that mass values seem incredibly high, but I’m unsure how to change the mass of the character if that’s the problem.

If that isn’t the problem, how do I go about changing the force the character applies when it moves into an object?

Thanks for any help in advance.

It may have to do with the Weight applied to the actor itself. Override the default given weight in KG and up it a bit and see if the problem continues.

There seems to be a couple objects that had auto-assigned its mass to 0.0 somehow. Overriding them has solved the issue but only artificially, because large values are still required. i.e a box small enough to fit in the hand cant really go below 20Kg/~44lbs.

Regardless, it is a workaround and I thank you for the assistance.